The world may say that John and Paul were not in love, for me, they were. these gifs represent me joy everytime I look. Even if they do not form one, it is the most beautiful couple in the world.


Paul McCartney - Times Union Center, Albany, NY - July 5, 2014

Here’s the video some of you guys asked about! It’s pretty much full length except for some time between songs. If you see him slap his ass in response to my sign let me know where it is!


can we please appreciate this adorable john & paul moment please?; they began playing ‘this boy’ and the first line goes “that boy took my love away” but  john mistakenly sang “this boy took my love away”, paul noticed and they both gave that little “yeah i know” glare at each other (‘: idk i just think this is precious. bye.

(Source: thebeatlesordie, via paul--mccharmly)